Each pendant  can be recreated but no piece will look exactly the same.  They are like snowflakes and cannot be replicated exactly.

The Enamel & Etched pendants are one-of-a-kind… The intial piece can be created in your initial, name, or anything you would like to say. You may pick your favorite color for the enamel.

The WiRED pieces can be wrapped around your favorite stone , crystal or rock.  If you have been holding onto one that holds special memories I can wrap it in silver or copper wire for you to wear around your neck closer to your heart.

The COIN pieces were made from castings of coins and designed specifically for either a pendant, ring or keychain.  If you or a family member have a special coin you can send me the coin and I will have it casted in either silver or gold and will design a piece especially for you.

The Forged & Stamped pieces are hand forged, pierced and stamped.  I mainly use sterling silver because it s a very strong metal.  The initial piece can be recreated for anyone’s initial. It can be made smaller or bigger if you would prefer.


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