Since my childhood I have been infatuated with Nature. Growing up in South Florida, the beach and the Everglades were my backyard. I would watch the sunset over the Everglades and rise over the Atlantic Ocean. I collected everything; stones, flowers, shells, branches, leaves, and even turtles would end up in my bathtub from time to time. Mother Nature has always been my inspiration and influence. The most incredible masterpieces I have seen were created by her design, the colors in the setting of the sun, the petals on a flower, the texture on a tree, the minute detail of a seed all by her hand.

Color has always created a reaction within me. Within color there is warmth, comfort, excitement, there are so many emotions vibrating through and from color. When the sunlight hits the leaves on a tree and it looks as though it is glistening and shimmering; it’s magical.

My collection consists of these elements from the earth; glass, metal, precious stones, and castings made from nature, mainly seeds. The seeds represent birth and life, fragility in the beginning, but after the seeds are cast they are forever strengthened in metal. My designs are created through a subconscious flow, and tend to be organic and figurative. I work spontaneously, improvising in the moment, but with conscious intention. I want my work to evoke emotion and feeling expressed through color, line and form. Just as music does with melody and rhythm. Enamels allow me to express my designs, drawings, and paintings on a smaller scale using metals and powdered glass fused together.

The process of enamels amazes me. Here you have two materials that solidify from a molten state, glass and metal, when hot enough they look like lava. But when cooled, they both, as solids are cold enough to look like ice. By using these two elements I create miniature paintings that can be worn. Intentionally brushing and layering the different colored transparent and opaque enamels onto Copper, Fine Silver or Silver which creates depth when the reflection of light is introduced. There are numerous enameling techniques which have been around since BC. I have only studied a few, it could take a whole lifetime to become a master of just one. Champleve is a technique which allows me to take my original drawings, etch them into the metal and create a beautiful piece of enameled jewelry.

I have been exploring Kandinsky’s theories on the relationship between music and color since I was young. Now I can connect his theories while experimenting with the many techniques of enameling, such as Cloisonne, Champleve, and Basse-taile. I am greatly influenced by the German Jeweler, Herman Junger, who helped people see jewelry as a fine art not just a craft. The impressionist and Expressionist Movements have also had a major effect on my work. They fought for their freedom to create from within and move away from the academies standard of what Art should be. My other inspirations come from music, LOVE, living in New York City, my family, friends, professors and strong, independent female figures.




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